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The A-List Blog is the official destination for everything Atlanta. If you are a local, or just passing through, the A-List will let you know where to go, who to know, and how to move and shake in the "A". 


Atlanta publicists and media professionals, Tia Culver and Sonia "Sypher" Tyler, have an unwavering love for the city they call home and want you to find their hidden jewels, get to know their colorful people, and enjoy all of the splendor this amazing metropolis has to offer. 


If you have a story you would like to share. We want to know about it. 

If you have a song you want the world to hear. We want to hear it. 

If you have a a shirt we should wear on our back. We want to wear it. 

If you have a film to be viewed. We want to watch it. 

If you have an idea that can change the world. We want to help you change it. 


A city that stands together, grows together, so please feel free to give us what you've got so you can get on the A-List. 


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