The Music Producer's Culture show is an hour-long round table style talk show with an embedded IG/Facebook live segment devoted to the business and culture of music producers. The show exposes the personalities and outlooks of industry leaders and how they view success, new producers, working with artists and their own personal lifestyles. It's a natural, in-studio conversation between established producers. We see them having raw and candid talks from a place they call home. We highlight producers of all music genres in hopes to get insights from Pop producers of the 80's to hip hop producers of today. The Music Producer's Culture website will offer insights on gear, exclusive interviews, tutorials, job opportunities and much more. ​ Our Music Producer Culture Events will be centered around creative ways to highlight the music producer. From Beat Battles to listening sessions to pitch summits. We are also in the makings of a Music Producer Affiliation that gives established producers an opportunity to give back to the community, provide insurance and credit union benefits.

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