Adult Swim’s ‘Tropical Cop Tales’ Now Casting in ATL

🎬Adult Swim’s ‘Tropical Cop Tales’ Atlanta Extras Casting Call for Criminals🚦 “TROPICAL COP TALES” #NowCasting 📍18-35YR OLD CRIMINAL TYPES 📍Looking for MALES of all ethnicities to portray CRIMINALS with unique features (hook nose, facial scarring, missing an eye or teeth, facial tattoos, etc). 📍Ages 18’s to 35. Please list availability through August as we will need many criminals to appear. 📍DATE(s): 6/27, 6/29, 7/2, 7/3, 7/6, and/or 7/10 📍RATE: $75/8 📍LOCATION: ATLANTA, GA 📍How To Submit: To be considered, send your name, age, height, weight, phone number, along with 3 photos to 📍SUBJECT: LOCK EM UP📍 

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